Faculty of Geographic and Geological Sciences

Collegium Geographicum and Collegium Geologicum are located next to the Morasko Meteorite Reserve where lumps of iron were found and are treated as evidence of the largest European iron meteorite shower.
Our teaching and research cover both terrestrial geography and the environmental impact of human agency. The depth of our research is reflected in the structure of our Faculty,  journals we publish and international conferences we host.
Our polar station - AMUPS - is located at the end of Billefjord in the picturesque Petunia Bay, only 1300 km away from the North Pole!

Collegium Geographicum

ul. Bogumiła Krygowskiego 10,
61-680 Poznań
Phone: (+48) 61 829 6111
E-mail: wngig@amu.edu.pl

Collegium Geologicum

ul. Bogumiła Krygowskiego 12,
61-680 Poznań
Phone: (+48) 61 829 6000
E-mail: geologia@amu.edu.pl